Man bags 12yrs prison sentence for removal of condoms during sex with a prostitute

A man has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after he removed a condom while having sex with a prostitute.

A young man with black hair, has gotten jail terms after he pulled out his condom during sex with a prostitute.

Man removes condom while having sex

The accused, Lee Hogben, 35, forcefully removed the condoms against the will, and without the consent of the lady

She told him “I don’t do that – please no” when he took off the condom but he threatened her as she tried to wriggle free.

Lee goes to jail, following a clear notice by the sex worker who he meet online via a social worker website, that her clients must wear condoms. However, the action was against her rules and demands.

Both of them meet at the Royal Bath Hotel in his hometown Bournemouth, Dorset, and both agreed on a price for two hours.

Flinging all the agreed terms, Lee had sex with her unprotected. Secondly he also refused to pay her after the intercourse.

Prosecutor Jodie Mittell said Hogben threatened to kill the sex worker when she resisted him.

She said:

“Hogben went beyond what was consented to by removing the protection, which the complainant will say was a condition of intercourse.

She repeatedly protested, ‘I don’t do that – please, no’. She tried to wriggle away but he told her to stop. He told her he had beaten people up and robbed people.”

The accused was convicted of rape and two counts of assault, by judge Stephen Climie. But later threatened to kill him saying “I’m coming for you. You’ll get a shotgun in the face at night

Hogben got a 12 years prison sentence as well as an extended licence period of six years.

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