7 simple ways to identifying a runs girl

These are easy ways to identify a runs girl;

Sometimes identifying a runs girl might be a hard task, especially when you might be madly in love with her, or in a relationship
Ways to identifying a runs girl

Sometimes identifying a runs girl might be a hard task, especially when you might be madly in love with her, or in a relationship.

In morden times in Nigeria, runs girls now keep better class than road prostitute. They stay at the convince of homes, chat up their clients/ customers who they zoom of to meet after agreement.

However, a typical runs girl is a hustler. in fact, I’ll also liken them to scavengers who hunt for well established male customers. She goes to where the action is and doesn’t wait for things to come to her.

In most cases they might be bisexual with money, the only motive toward their actions. A runs girl’s action are always cash oriented and although, they might at some point love, it’s only a thing of chance.

You can find runs girls everywhere if you look well enough. If you can’t spot them, well, there are ways to spot them even from ten miles away.

1) Always in Nightclubs

You can find most runs girls in nightclubs, lounges and other night spots of entertainment. These are the places where they meet potential customers. She always loves to flex, and won’t accommodate any dull moment. You can also spot them at malls roaming around the car park and hang out spots.

2) Dressed to sell sex

They expose vital body parts, especially their breasts and backside.

To the uninitiated, it will be hard to spot a runs girl however, seasoned guys can spot one easily. She is dressed to sell herself as a sexual object. All about her ousees sex on demand. Runs girls are not here to show off with their time the most expensive to them.

3) They prefer less talking more action

They don’t like talking much. It’s always business straight up. The end game for them is for you to pay for sex. Talking about love and relationship sounds silly to them which will always be a waste of time trying.

4) Expensive gadgets with no visible source of income

When you see a babe rocking the most expensive of smart phones and has no clear sense of income or a steady job, she is most likely a runs girl. She doesn’t allow access to her phone or laptop by most people.

Also, if she’s seen constantly in clubs during work days no doubt say “she be runs girl” unless she’s a club promoter. Who knows?

5) They won’t just let social media be! Steady on social media

Social media is the best platform for advertising … And surely a Runs girls loves to be known… It’s simple more popularity, more costumers. It’s not abnormal if you’ll always see them online.

They love Instagram, Insta Voice, Snap Chat and Tinder. On these platforms, they overtly show off their physical attributes. Apart from this, they also have contact e-mail addresses for bookings and inquiries which is strange because they are not models or actresses

6. They won’t likely have sex with you more than 3 times

It’s easy to understand why they won’t. A typical runs babe won’t accommodate emotional attachment of any kind. They believe, being too close and having continued sex with one guy might trigger some emotional issues so they avoid you after few sex.

7. They don’t pick calls or call either

Why call you? Or do you expect her to call you when she’s probably digging a dude so hot? Oh oh comon Dude! She’ll probably chat you after bussines.

According to latest reports, most young girls selling sex privately are more found in the eastern part of Nigeria with Imo State, a major abode for them.

They have more room to flex, get young rich yahoo boys, which might inturn be their so called “maga” and even pay bigger

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